First shoes

Do you remember your first pair of shoes? The ones you explored the world with; since we grow too fast at this age, we don't really remember it,
but our parents remember the first steps.

Leather Baby shoes
Leather Baby shoes

Baby shoes, uniquely sized, base on a 6 month old toddler.

I start with a 5mm leather thickness for the shoe sole which is then covered with velvet linen.

Easy to put on, perfect for indoor events or weddings.

During this leap into the unknown and our resilience after falling, we tried again, and again until we made it.

This is to commemorate your first success in life, and how you overcame something almost impossible for you at this age. Remember this, we were so small and walking was a huge effort but we conquered it and now it is second nature.

My parents went overboard as I was a late walker, my first pair of Nike were cast in gold after using them!

Now the shoes (shared between the family) rest in their place of honour on the bookshelf.

Vanessa Jans and model Gaspard