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The word impossible is not french

"State, Trade, Leather – All Craft in Every Stitch."

Previous customs works

With us you will get to discover the finest leather work from France and Britain combined. From the creative tensions of the two artistic nations, Canada is the product of those two. Take a look and you'll see a touch of Europe in the Western New World.

As we discuss our uniqueness, we will surpass the boundaries of a bespoke experience. 

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Our creations are the perfect fusion of the creative forces of two artistic nations, resulting in the unparalleled beauty that is quintessentially Canadian.

Our collection boasts a harmonious blend of European elegance and the rugged charm of the Western New World, imbuing each piece with a distinctive character that is unique to our brand.

As we strive to surpass the boundaries of a bespoke experience, we invite you to discover the artistry that sets us apart. Elevate your style and immerse yourself in the luxury that only our brand can offer.