Dog Collars

A dog collar is one of the first gifts to a dog and the last "memorabilia" we keep during their way too short life. It will imprint all those walks, swims, ball fetches, and nasty discoveries. 

Dog rounded collar

Rounded dog collar reinforced for Great Danes,

 British Tan and Paracord core

Dog rounded collar Great Dane


Dog rounded collar Great Dane


A leather collar will last if selected with high-grade leather quality, other materials such as Nylon might irritate the skin and break the hair shafts of their coat. Nylon collars tend to lose their looks over time, as the fabric begins to fray around the edges and the original color fades. 

All dogs collars will be custom sized so it's important to send us the neck size and specify in what unit of measurement you are referencing, centimeters (cm) or inches (in).

Why a rounded collar? A flat collar is simpler, cheaper, and faster to make, but it breaks the dogs' hair. It keeps it flat and doesn't roll along with the hair. 

On long hair dogs like my Australian Shepherds, it looks almost invisible on the outside, not breaking the dog's line nevertheless, it is strong and easy to attach.

One of the primary benefits of a round collar is that it provides a more even distribution of pressure around the dog's neck. This can help to prevent injury or discomfort to the dog, especially during training or exercise. Additionally, because a round collar is wider and thicker than a flat collar, it is less likely to slip off or become caught on objects.

Another advantage of a round collar is that it is less likely to break the dog's hair or cause matting. Because a round collar is designed to roll along with the hair, it can help to preserve the dog's coat and prevent damage.

Finally, a round collar can be a good choice for dogs with longer hair, as it can be visible and provide a clear boundary without breaking the dog's line. However, as with any collar, it's important to choose the right size and fit for your dog to ensure their comfort and safety.