Diplomatic gifts

Canadian Prime Minister receiving Wagram Leather gifts from  Oulton College CEO Darcie Reigdpath
New-Brunswick Lieutenant General governor  receiving gifts from brand ambassador Wagram Leather Damien Dauphin
Letter from King Charles III for gift reception
Honorary NB Blaine Higgs receiving gifts from founder brand Wagram Leather

The art of Diplomatic gift, my friends, is a mortar that holds together the edifice of civilization and peace. It is a delicate dance, fraught with success and failure, statecraft skills, provocation and misunderstanding. Yet, behind this ancient tradition lies a profound thought process—a message that is carefully communicated through the exchange of gifts. 

Paul Brummell, esteemed British ambassador and author of the renowned tome, "Diplomatic Gifts: A History in Fifty Presents," sheds light on the stories that reside within these precious offerings. If you seek to delve deeper into his wisdom, I urge you to peruse the interview with this venerable gentleman.

At Wagram Leather, we too recognize the significance of the art of gifting. Our experiences have taught us valuable lessons, like the time we found ourselves stranded in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm. It was a journey gone awry, a miscalculation that left us forsaken for a time. But from this failure emerged a tale of friendship and redemption.

Enveloped by more than fifty centimeters of fresh snow, my exploration sled sank into the unforgiving terrain. The loyal dogs that accompanied me were unable to forge ahead, and the laborious task of breaking trail left me and my faithful companions exhausted. In those desperate moments, when hope seemed to wane, a guardian of the forest appeared—a lumberjack on his solemn patrol.

With keen eyes, the lumberjack spotted our plight and understood the direness of our situation. Acting swiftly, he brought together my dogs, my sled, and myself, guiding us toward a rendezvous point where our logistics awaited—a safe harbor for our weary souls. It is stories such as these that remind us of the transformative power of the right present at the right time—the difference it can make between light and day.

Thus, when crafting our diplomatic or corporate gifts for senior executives, we imbue each creation with the personality of the giver and the sensitivity of the recipient. For these offerings serve as enduring links between parties, transcending the mere exchange of material possessions. In a world where everything can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, we often overlook the understanding and empathy required to bridge the gaps between souls. It is through these mementos, these tokens of resilience, that we endeavor to forge lasting connections—calling forth memories, just as Proust's Madeleine does with a gentle touch.

And so, it is with great pride that Wagram Leather announces its recent partnership with esteemed government officials and European royalties. We have been entrusted with the honor of supplying them with personalized and exquisitely crafted leather gifts for their various events and momentous occasions.

Consider, for instance, the luxurious leather pencil case adorned with cork, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received during his visit to Oulton College. Accompanied by elegant fountain pens and an excuse pocket, this gift found its way into the hands of the Prime Minister as he unveiled the new dental care plan for Canadians—a moment when the weight of responsibility mingled with the grace of artistry.

Likewise, the Primer of New-Brunswick, Blaine Higgs, was presented with a business card holder, skillfully integrated with an NFC chip. This innovative feature allows for the seamless sharing of contact information through the mere touch of a phone—a testament to the harmonious union of tradition and technology. It was bestowed upon him during an event at Oulton College, where he lent his presence and wisdom.

When the time came for King Charles III's grand coronation, we proffered a collection of cufflinks befitting his royal stature. Crafted with the finest Atlantic sturgeon and adorned with Elk Leather Suede, these cufflinks exuded a regal elegance, a symbol of the monarchical splendor that surrounded the auspicious event.

In a tribute to diplomatic excellence, Wagram Leather extends its artistry to create personalized luggage tags for the esteemed Honorary French Consul Johan Schitterer. As the Consul Général de France à Moncton et à Halifax, Mr. Schitterer's unwavering commitment and exceptional results for the French community deserved recognition beyond the ordinary. 

And let us not forget the indomitable Lieutenant Governor of New-Brunswick, Brenda Murphy, who played host to the coronation party of King Charles III. In recognition of her tireless efforts, we presented her with an "Emergency Garden Party Kit"—a veritable treasure trove of provisions that enable her to host a splendid gathering at a moment's notice. For a busy hostess like her, such a gift proves invaluable, ensuring that no opportunity for celebration shall go unseized.

Friends, at Wagram Leather, we understand the importance of making your message resound, even in the most subtle of manners. Our creations become conduits through which your link to the fortunate recipient endures—a connection, a bond, and a repository of cherished memories.

Emergency Garden Party Kit

Sturgeon Leather Necklace

Business Card holder

Excuse pen holder

 Leather Conference Name Plate

Personalized Luggage tag