Jewellery Accessories

Leather Bracelet
Leather Bracelet

Bracelet made with Kangaroo leather, it is 10 times stronger than regular leather, a piece of choice for everyday use. Size is made from your wrist measurement.

Leather Bracelet
Flax Bracelet

Bracelet is made from natural fibers used to stitch boots for cobblers, preserved with bees wax. Size is made from your wrist measurement.

Flax Bracelet
Sturgeon leathers bracelet

Surf 'n' Turf kangaroo and Sturgeons leather braided. The Reverso bracelet for people traveling by the sea. 6 strands for the land and home and 3 strands for the sea and adventures.

Maple Leaf leather earrings

Maple Leaf earrings, because the colours of harvest time are infinite, we enjoy the cooling temperature from the hot Summer, pumpkin spice, and the sound of leaves blowing in the air.

We can inhale Fall, all the best produce from Summer and a taste of early Winter frost. Using nickel free earring, all leaves are individually hand painted and referenced to real leaves from maple trees in my forest.

Maple Leaf leather earrings

Sturgeon bracelet made with scutes, leather lining  and  a magnetic metal clasp.
Please refrain from banging it on objects or doors, you will damage everything but the incredible strength of the cartilages.

Earring made from Scutes, gold leaf and Kangaroo leather

Introducing the exquisite and timeless stainless cufflinks with sturgeon leather scute insert, exclusively from Wagram Leather. These cufflinks are a testament to Wagram Leather's commitment to superior craftsmanship and design.

Crafted from premium quality stainless steel, these cufflinks are built to last a lifetime. The unique sturgeon leather scute insert adds an element of sophistication, creating a statement accessory that is both elegant and refined.

Wagram Leather's use of a non-pigmented vegan tan in the tanning process results in a semi-transparent finish, giving the cufflinks a subtle yet refined aesthetic. The result is a perfect blend of classic design and modern innovation, embodying the essence of Wagram Leather's iconic style.

These cufflinks make for an exceptional gift, perfect for marking special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries. The exquisite packaging adds an additional layer of prestige, elevating the unboxing experience.

Invest in a pair of Wagram Leather's stainless cufflinks with sturgeon leather scute insert and elevate your style to the next level. Experience the hallmark of excellence that is synonymous with the Wagram Leather name. Shop now and indulge in the epitome of prestige and style.

This piece is not merely a clip; it is a narrative etched in leather—a narrative that whispers tales of frozen landscapes, survival, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to explore.

Whether it cradles receipts, winning lottery tickets, or a delicate scarf, this clip holder is an ode to the journey—where luxury meets the call of the wild. It is a reminder that, like Julien in the Canadian wilderness, one can endure the harshest conditions with grace, style, and an unwavering spirit.