Watch Straps

Each Watch Strap includes an untearable linen and stiffener material to preserve it through years of wearing it

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Watch  leather straps Tintin Bespoke
Watch straps leather Tintin Bespoke

Using multiple layers of materials to ensure long-term rigidity and flexibility and tear-resistance, each watch strap is stitched with a double thread using the saddle stitch or Point-Sellier. I received a TINTIN watch when I was 10 years old. Now around a quarter of a century later, I was able to redo the watch strap and extend the life of this piece of history.

Blue Snakeskin Leather watch strap

Blue Snakeskin Leather

Although the skin is as thin as a paper sheet, constructing with multiple layers makes it possible to use, but beware, like snakes in real life, it is sensitive to flame, and will retract it. "Cartier" clasp so no holes to preserve the snake skin esthetic . Portuguese Cork lining for better comfort

Blue Snakeskin Leather watch strap
Blue Snakeskin Leather watch strap cork lining
Blue Snakeskin Leather watch strap Cartier clasp

Awarded from the Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft 2022 Annual Competition

-Craft Ribbon

-Betty Heacock Memorial Award for Best Novice

2- Betty Heacock Memorial Award - Best Novice Entry - CERTIFICATES 2021-2022.pdf
4- Craftsman Ribbon CERTIFICATES 2021-2022 - Julien Jans.pdf
Watch straps Sturgeon Bespoke

Sturgeon leather, a fragile and tough leather to work with.

A perfect oxymoron which is reinforced with Kevlar Bfg material.

Why Kevlar? Because it's a great semi-rigid material, and will stabilize your watch.

Watch straps Sturgeon
Leather watch straps RFID tag bespoke

Embossed leather strap, with cork inside for better comfort on the skin.

It is Kevlar reinforced, durable, and lightweight.

 For the technology inside the strap see our page in SpyCraft