One can scarcely ignore the allure of donning the mantle of a Kingsman, nor the seduction of the ingenious gadgetry at the behest of Q from 007. It so happens that in some circles, I am known as "Q" myself.

In my line of work, a classic design holds the key to the most obscure secrets. Commonplace objects, devoid of electronic appendages, are primed for hidden alterations, bestowing them with an insidious edge. In my youth, I was a student of sleight-of-hand, weaving illusions with deft skill and cunning. But let it be known, these alterations are no mere parlor tricks. They serve a weighty purpose, that of maintaining security and safety.

Double passport holder. Citizens with two nationalities know the difficulty of traveling with two passports or Diplomats with diplomatic passports. The stress of losing one is always on our mind during international flights. Flashing a second passport in front of a customs officer is also not a great idea. It can lead to more questions, loss of time and possibly missing your flight or connection.

That's why the second passport stays hidden behind the first one, so it's easy to keep track of them, and minimizes unwanted attention. Kevlar reinforced and RFID protected linen is used.

Double passport holder

Magic envelope used on prestidigitation tricks  but not to match your prediction.

 Now this secret pocket is to protect cards or other slim documents. 

They are all protected with Kevlar and RFID  protected linen. It will fit your daily deal of the century contract, multiple honorary PHD diplomas and lord title or Nuclear launch codes...

Leather envelope case

Technology blooms and can turn obsolete quickly and the choice of a technology that's still future-proof, reliable yet universal, is not easy. 

Leather Strap RFID.mp4

Welcome to Wagram leather NFC tag, you have 137 bytes of characters to store secret info. As no one will suspect it. Text length 

RFID Contact.mp4

Wallet Phone case holder. This is an interesting concept to develop, to make a case that will outlast the smartphone's life, which is around 2-5 years. Using 3M micro-suction material, the phone stays stuck to the case, can be easily lifted to take a photo and so. It  will move no-where. If necessary a damp piece of clothe to clean if dust obstructs.

Of Course RFID protection and Kevlar reinforcement lining for the two card holders.

RFID tag on the outside to share your contacts and one on the inside to trigger audio recording, fake notifications, et cetera  so you can  excuse yourself and leave. It can be programmed at your discretion.