Because a wallet will be around your life in any situation, carrying your identity and wealth, it is important you can rely on it. Made with all handmade stitches with the saddle stitch for longer reliability. Offering the bi- fold, but also the tri-fold, for those who need to store up to 12 cards. RFID protection of course

Classic Bi-fold lined with RFID protection, kevlar and corking, so no important notes can slide, even a winning lottery ticket. Initials or full name can be embossed.

Wallet Tri-fold Leather


Bespoke Leather Wallet
Bespoke Leather Wallet
Wallet Sturgeon Leather
Wallet Sturgeon Leather
Bespoke  Sturgeon Leather Wallet


RFID Contact.mp4

Wallet Phone case holder. This is an interesting concept to develop, to make a case that will outlast the smartphone's life, which is around 2-5 years. Using 3M micro-suction material, the phone stays stuck to the case, can be easily lifted to take a photo and so. It  will move no-where. If necessary a damp piece of clothe to clean if dust obstructs.

Of Course RFID protection and Kevlar reinforcement lining for the two card holders.

RFID tag on the outside to share your contacts and one on the inside to trigger audio recording, fake notifications, et cetera  so you can  excuse yourself and leave. It can be programmed at your discretion.