About me

My team from top to bottom, Ébène, Luigi and Phin

About Me

Born in Paris, I had multiple lives like cats, but my main craft is culinary and Hospitality. When you learn a craft the proper way, you know, while learning another, that humility,  long studying, and not cutting corners are all part of the deal. As a master in your craft, you are back as an apprentice in a new one. The only skills you can bring from one craft to another are patience and a desire for precision. 

Leathercraft started as a necessity for my other passion winter camping in Canada. I needed to build harnesses for my dogs and Pulka to go across the East Coast Maritimes forests. And slowly a passion to the medium happened, like the same in pastry or cooking, less the diet management.  It also takes deep thinking for a product you craft so it can go through years,  maybe even generations, and most importantly to be able to be repaired. 

Gastronomy lasts the mealtime but can trigger great nostalgia, just ask Marcel Proust.

 IT (Information & Technology), until the next upgrade, which could be days, months, or a few years, but nothing is left at the end of service from a server; leather, however, is a great balance. 

A teacher can be remembered by the briefcase he bought when he started his career, and through the patina of time, it will turn into a unique piece upon his retirement.

If an object I made lives 5-10 years or more, its purpose will be fulfilled as it was a reliable purse, wallet, keyring, etc.

Through so many winters and summers, joys and sadness, it has been through it all with you. I still use the same pen I had to pass my exams and sign for my home. There is no need for more when you have the right tools.

To bring to light this personal opinion, many good  leathercraft tools come from antiquities, flea market, some  had a dozen of years on them, but still precise. and when visiting the St james Textile  museum in Dorchester, some over a century tools exposed are the same as we leathercraft we use.

and because Craftmanship is not a gift but a journey, as a member I can rely on my fellows from the Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft (CSCL)