About me

My team from top to bottom, Ébène, Luigi and Phin

In the heart of Paris, Julien Jans experienced a life-changing car accident on a fateful dark night. From that moment, his path took an unexpected turn, leading him on a journey of resilience and the art of escaping any situation. Julien's survival training awakened a deep understanding of the power within him to overcome challenges.

Guided by his mother's gift, the book "How to Escape Any Situation," Julien delved into mastering the art of survival. But it was his bond with his loyal dog that propelled his training to new heights. Becoming the first person in France to train a dog for survival, Julien discovered the values of polyvalence and resilience under the guidance of his instructor, a Cozak and ex-French Foreign Legion soldier  

Julien's thirst for adventure took him to the harsh Canadian wilderness, where he endured freezing temperatures of -32°C during unforgiving winters. Equipped with his meticulously crafted leather harnesses, he and his dogs ventured across vast forests, using a pulka to navigate the treacherous conditions. Leather became their lifeline, ensuring their survival and embodying their indomitable spirit.

By day, Julien excelled in luxury hospitality management, catering to influential figures in entertainment, politics, and the elite. He immersed himself in the refined world of luxury while delivering exceptional service. However, his true passion resided in the call of the wild. By night, Julien embraced the untamed spirit of nature, embarking on thrilling adventures as a wood runner. His life became a harmonious duality between the sophistication of the city and the ruggedness of the wilderness.

Inspired by these profound experiences, Wagram Leather was born. Julien envisioned a brand that would embody resilience, craftsmanship, and the power to conquer any challenge. Collaborating with master artisans such as Jean-Francois Peyre and Johane Heard, he pushed the boundaries of leather craftsmanship and honed his skills. Recognized by the Canadian Society for Creative Leathercraft (CSCL), Julien was awarded two Craft Ribbons and the Betty Heacock Memorial Award for Best Novice.

Wagram Leather emerged as a trusted companion, standing alongside its customers throughout their unique journeys. The brand's commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that every meticulously crafted piece is not only a symbol of resilience but also a conscious choice for the discerning consumer.

As Wagram Leather began to flourish, it caught the attention of high-ranking government officials in Canada and European royalties. Its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to sustainability made it the preferred choice for personalized, high-quality leather gifts. The brand was even recognized by some officers of protocols as a prestigious option for diplomatic gifts.

Guided by the ethos of "ad augusta per angusta" (through difficulties to greatness), Wagram Leather invites individuals to master the art of decision-making. Each moment presents an opportunity to shape their future, and with Wagram Leather by their side, individuals gain the tools and confidence to face any challenge head-on. Resilience, self-mastery, and success become within reach.

In a world where time slips away and consciousness is precious, Wagram Leather stands as a symbol of the power to control one's own destiny. It encourages individuals to infuse each moment with purpose, to value every sixty seconds and to craft their journey with intention and determination. With Wagram Leather as their trusted companion, individuals navigate the unpredictable weather of life, armed with the confidence that arises from mastering the present moment and forging their own unique narrative of survival and success.

Embrace the art of resilience with Wagram Leather, and let each moment be an opportunity to shape your journey towards survival and success.